Pokerprofil skämde ut sig under rättegång

Norman Chad
Norman Chad.

Norman Chad, uppskattad WSOP-kommentator, skämde nyligen ut sig genom att Twittra från en rättegång där han själv satt i juryn.

I ESPN:s sändningar från World Series of Poker har Chad gjort sig känd som en rapp och rolig kommentator. 2010, till exempel, blev det en hel del Chad-snack om William Thorsons hårsvall.

Chad höll fast vid komedilinjen när han nyligen satt med i juryn under en rättegång gällande ett inbrott, och det blev mängder av pokerliknelser i inläggen på Twitter.

Här följer ett axplock av inläggen Chad skrev på Twitter från rättegången:

”Waiting in jury room to be chosen for a panel. About as exciting as waiting in a card room for John Juanda and Berry Johnston to see a flop.”

“Frankly, I believe it would help the justice system if juror waiting rooms were equipped with Las Vegas-style buffets.”

“Jury selection continues tomorrow: I'm wearing a blood-stained shirt, sunglasses and a Jamie Gold Poker Room baseball cap.”

“It just struck me that jury selection is the opposite of a poker tournament: You WANT to finish out of the money. Bubble, here I come!”

“In other news, Phil Hellmuth once rejected a trial jury by his peers because, he insisted, "I am peerless."

“Judge has instructed us not to discuss case, so I can't go into too many particulars. However...”

“I can tell you this about the case: It involves a retired midwife, a monkey grinder, an (allegedly) stolen microwave and a lawn sprinkler.”

“I love my jury seat: Front row, on the far aisle. Great view, with all the aggressive jurors to my left.”

“To allow me to live-tweet during the trial, I am hiding my iPhone in my left sock (where Bill Belichick keeps his red challenge flag).”

“Judge has copped a real attitude - every time she speaks, she acts like everyone in the jury box has to stop WHATEVER WE'RE DOING to listen.”

“Memo to WSOP: Jury seats in LA courthouse are far more comfortable than chairs in Rio Amazon Room. I'm going to bring you one to show you.”

“Ran into judge at Panda Express -- due to court rules, I couldn't tell her she was making a mistake ordering the orange chicken.”

Inlägget om domarens matval blev det sista från Chad under rättegången.

Domaren i målet, Laura Foland Priver, såg mycket allvarligt på Chads beteende. Foland Priver ansåg att Chad gjort rättsystemet till åtlöje och tog omedelbart bort honom från juryn.

Dessutom anklagades Chad för domstolsförakt, men WSOP-kommentatorn kom undan med en varning.